Culinairy Prins van Oranje

The Prins van Oranje riverboat is an Amsterdam sailing monument. The ultimate high-end dinner location for medium to large groups, while sailing the Dutch waters in a luxury setting.
The riverboat offers many entertainment possibilities and culinary options, such as a transfer with lunch, drinks before or after a buffet-style dinner, or dinner served at the table. Parties are an option as well. Enjoy excellent service and 5-star catering.
Maximum number of guests: 500
Indonesian rice table
Would you like to be surprised by a selection of Indonesian culinary delights? Consider a buffet-style rice table as a delicious option.
Fine dining
Following a warm welcome with a delicious glass of sparkling wine, our hostesses will guide you to your table after a cosy drink with canapés (optional). There are different dining options: a French buffet, a walking dinner for large groups, and shared dining are some of the possibilities. During dinner we serve exclusive wines and also offer a tasteful digestif, a freshly brewed cup of coffee or be surprised by the dessert buffet, it is truly magnifique.
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If you have any questions regarding the culinairy possiblilties on the Prins van Oranje or specific wishes, please feel free to contact us.

Cruise with Us

Marnixstraat 263-hs
1015 WJ Amsterdam
Opening hours
10.00 – 17.00

+31 20 774 27 64

For emergencies after 17:00 o' clock and during the weekend:
+31 6 538 13 600

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The Prins van Oranje
Danzigerkade 40, 1013 AP Amsterdam

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