Rates Prins van Oranje

Boat rent including crew  
4,0 hours € 3600,-   Including nautical crew, host(ess)es, start and end at our home harbour: Danzigerkade 40, Amsterdam. Excluding catering, catering cost and tourism tax. Minimum boat rent is 4 hours. Minimum F&B spend is €7500,- excluding VAT .
Additional 0,5 hour € 425,-  
Navigation cost
Home harbour Included    
Centraal station € 500,-   Excluding harbour fee of € 125,- per docking. Other locations on request.
Zouthaventje € 500,-  
Other cost:
Catering cost cocktail p.p. € 3,50   Settup, table linen, mastic and fresh flowers.
Catering cost dinner p.p. € 7,50  
Tourism tax p.p.   € 4,25    
All given prices are excluding vat.   

Information, photos and videos regarding services and amenities can be found on the Prins van Oranje page on this website. Do you wish to learn more about our culinary options? Please have a look on the culinairy Prins van Oranje page. Rederij Cruise With Us is specialised in creating tailor-made cruises for any occasion. We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer you an unforgettable cruise.


Cruise with Us

Danzigerkade 40,
1013 AP Amsterdam

We are available to answer all your questions and/or suggestions!
This can be done by e-mail: info@cruisewithus.nl of phone via +31 (0)207742764 or +31 (0)631002611

If you cant reach us directly we are probably out sailing or preoccupied. We strive to get back you within 24 hours.

Home ports

The Valentijn
Nassaukade across 173, 1052 CZ Amsterdam

The Soeverein
Nassaukade across 173, 1052 CZ Amsterdam

The Prins van Oranje
Danzigerkade 40, 1013 AP Amsterdam

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